Thursday, December 30, 2010

1st Grade Poems/Treasures Weekly Poetry Schedule for 2010-11

I am posting the Weekly Schedule that goes along with the Reading Series Treasures (FLORIDA).  However, there are times when I do an extra poem here and there, because my students love poetry time.   The poems with the activity will be posted on the Poetry Page of this blog.  I hope you enjoy!!  

From Start Smart to Unit 3 Week 5

From Unit 4 Week 1 to Unit 6 Week 5


Ms. A's Class said... [Reply]

Thank you for sharing these wonderful poems.


Mrs. Ibarra said... [Reply]

These are great poems. I use CA Treasures so some of the stories are different, but I can definitely use a lot of what you have shared. THANKS!

Debi said... [Reply]

Hi, Yolanda and Mrs. Ibarra.... thanks for the comments! I love poetry and since I started taking a different approach with how we do poems in the classroom...the kiddies' attitudes towards poetry time has IMPROVED ten-folds!! I am unfamiliar with CA Treasures, but I think the themes are about the same, so you may be able to use some of the poems. Let me know if you are looking for a poem for a particular theme...I have tons!!

absees123s said... [Reply]

TY so much for sharing these wonderful poems..I'm in TN, so I'll be able to use many of these, as most of our stories are the same! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thank you for sharing these wonderful poems!!

Debi said... [Reply]

You are very welcome, Anonymous!!! ;-) Stop by anytime!

Lori Faas said... [Reply]

Thank you so much. You have inspired me to look into putting some stuff up on my site!

Miss Griffin said... [Reply]

I LOVE using poetry for fluency! Thank you for sharing! I'm using TX Treasures and it's a little different, but I can still use these! Wish I'd found you earlier!

Debi said... [Reply]

Hi, Miss Griffin...and Welcome! Now that you found me.... please visit often. Poetry for fluency is awesome!! We have very similar themes...some stories are different. If you send me a list...maybe I can come up with something for my Texan friends. :-)

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said... [Reply]

I just LOVE what you have done here! I will DEFINITELY be using this idea next school year.
Thank you for sharing this idea!!
P.S. Utah Treasures is also the same version as yours.

Debi said... [Reply]

Thanks, Allison!!! My kiddies look forward to Fridays...when we are done with all the Weekly Tests and lessons...right after lunch, it is Poetry time. :) I hope your students will enjoy poetry time too!! :-)

Miss Griffin said... [Reply]

Just FYI - I think the penguin poem is missing from the google docs file. I just clicked on the picture and used print screen but I could not find it in the pdf.

Thanks again for sharing! We are in Unit 4 and already reading the Kite - so excited to use your kite and toad poems! Next week we have "Animal Teams" and our leveled reader is about penguins. I know the kids will love the penguin poem too!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I am a homeschooling mom and would love to print this file out but cannot figure out how to do it? I am able to get to the screen where I can view from page to page, but I cannot print out what I see? I am a MAC user. Any help? Thanks!!

Laura said... [Reply]

Thank you for sharing these wonderful poems! I have been searching for something like this! You have just saved me so much time and effort---as a homeschool mom I so appreciate this!

Hugs and blessings,

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