Saturday, April 2, 2011

It is finally done!!! CA/TX Poetry Page is Done!!

I completed the Poetry Journal for CA and TX...  check out the poetry page!  I hope you like!!  :)



sailingintofirstgrade said... [Reply]

Can you see me dancing in my seat? Yee Haw! Thanks so much! (I am in Texas, but not born here so it is fun to say things like Yee Haw and y'all.) You are my hero!

Just4TeachersBlog said... [Reply]

So, it was you making all that noise!! LOL! You can YEE-haw...all you like.... I'm from NY...lived in VA and now FL and I caught myself sounding very southern the other day (quite a few y'alls) when I was talking to the kids!! (Oh, did I mention that I am Hispanic!) LOL!

Miss Griffin said... [Reply]

Thank you! I can send you the poem you're missing this evening.

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

I got the poem from Melissa over at HOP INTO MY LIFE blog. I am so thankful for being part of such a wonderful sharing community!!!

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