Saturday, May 28, 2011

SURFING INTO 2ND GRADE...AT LAST! (Here's a pic of my BB)



Jenn Bates said... [Reply]

Very cute!

Mrs. D. Lue Pann said... [Reply]

Looks Great!

Becki said... [Reply]

Do you mind sharing how you put this adorable board together? Our school theme next year is Under the Sea and I was thinking of doing surfers! What did you use for the surfboards? Thanks for the inspiration. It's totally precious!

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

A very talented Parent Volunteer created the bulletin board for me. All I did was take pictures of the kids outside on a surfboard (that my PV brought over to school) during recess....and the sign that says Surfing into 2nd. I printed the pictures at home on 4x6 photo paper and another Parent Volunteer cut all around the pictures. So the surfboard you see the kids "riding" is a real one. Sorry that I couldn't be anymore help.

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