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Here it is!  My pride and joy!  I tried to coordinate the poems with the weekly Treasures themes (2nd Grade) to the best of my ability...but I also wanted to make the poems fun!!  I am posting the journal, but I still need to work on the creative aspect of the journal (the hardest part).  As always, if anyone is willing to throw out some creative ideas to go along with the poems....please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am always looking for new and innovative ideas to use with my poems.  I hope you enjoy this journal as much as you enjoyed the 1st Grade Poetry Journal (both versions....FL and CA/TX).  
Looking forward to your comments!  Click on the picture below to download the journal:

2nd Grade Treasures Weekly Poetry Schedule 
Click on the picture below to download the weekly schedule:

2nd Grade Here I Come!!!!

Just 4 Teachers


Carla Patch said... [Reply]

This is wonderful! I am always looking for new poems to offer to my students. I found many in your journal. I don't use Treasures, but these will definitely be added to my students' experience. You should be very proud of what you have done. It is lovely! Thanks

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Thank you, Carla! A labor of love... :) I'm looking forward to using them. I hope your kids will enjoy them, too!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Debi
You are awesome!
Thank you so much for both poetry collections. A weekly poem is a big part of my program for young children K-3 with mentally handicapping conditions. We practice the poem each day, noting word studies we may be working on. Each child has their own poetry folder and practices the poem Wednesday and Thursday for homework. On Friday we have a Poetry Presentation. Each child who reads the poem accurately and with expression earns a sticker (Sticker Economy in my classroom is a big thing! It's amazing what they will do for a sticker.) My principal often stops in on Fridays to see the presentation. At the end of the year we have a Moving Up Day. The main presentation of the ceremony is a poetry reading that each child has selected from their folder. Then they have a book of quite a few poems that they can read to take home.

Thanks again for your hard work and your generosity. I love all your creations!
Carol in FL

Mrs. Shepherd said... [Reply]

Love this post! I'm moving from 1st to 2nd grade and was on the hunt for poems that were appropriate for my students. I'm in Texas and we use Treasures, I didn't see what state was associated with the Treasures but they'll be fine. One thing I was going to incorporate is a response or and activity to complete everyday using their poem from that week. Once again I love this! would love for you to follow my blog

thanks again :)

Jayne Gammons said... [Reply]

Well I have my day planned...I am going to sit right here on my sofa and spend time with you! I'm glad I found this site...going to look back at your old posts. Then I'm going to blog stalk all those 2nd grade teachers you've listed. I love summer!! Thanks!

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

I love summer, too! Plenty of time to stalk and catch up on old posts. Since I am changing grades...I think I've become worst than a stalker (if that is possible) on all those 2nd grade blogs. Enjoy your day! I will be joining you, too! Love your blog!!! :)

Colleen said... [Reply]

This is SO FANTASTIC!! We use the Treasures basal and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new poems. Thanks a MILLION for sharing this!!

Mary said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.

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