Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Link: The Advantages of Looping

What is Looping? "Looping" is when a class advances to the next grade level with the same teacher for both years. 

Just sharing.  I am reading up... about all the advantages of looping.  I've done my research but I like to read about what others think of looping.  I will keep adding articles as I find them: 
I sent this link to all my parents to help them make the decision. Research from Brown University on looping:

The Advantages of Looping 

Altered Classrooms: Looping

Just 4 Teachers


Cheree' said... [Reply]

At the school I student taught at last semester, the first and second grade have looped for several years. Well, actually it was K-! for years, but then they switched it to 1-2. No other grade loops... until this upcoming year where they will be implementing 4-5 looping as well. They don't want to loop 3rd grade because that's where all the state testing starts (and I think they have a couple other reasons as well).

A major advantage is that the teacher knows the student well by the second year. While that may mean you have that kid who gets on your nerves for 2 years instead of just one, it is quite advantageous. They are able to jump right in at the beginning of the second year and really kick off learning quickly. The teacher knows the students and the students already know what the teacher expects (with a few possible new, more mature rules). Also, especially at the 1-2 level, you are sometimes in the process of having students tested for special education or gifted services. A new teacher would have to have time to document things about the student before much would be done. By looping and having the same teacher again, they already know what's been done in the process and have documentation from the previous year that they are well aware of. For instance, my student teaching class had 2 students start the gifted testing process in the last 9 weeks of the year. If they had a new teacher next year, it would be at least the 2nd 9 weeks before they would really get going with the process, but because they are looping, they will be able to finish out the process right off the bat this next year.

S. Parker said... [Reply]

I am a looping teacher; k to first. I love it! Once routines are in place it makes teaching and learning better for everyone involved.

Casey said... [Reply]

I just found this blog and I am looping from K to first for the 1st time next year! I am really excited about it! Thanks for the resources!

Ms. Patterson said... [Reply]

I really loved looping. I did that with 3rd and 4th grade. I makes learning so much better for everyone involved. I just found your blog on clutter free and have spent some time looking through it. I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing! I would love for you to visit my blog and follow me.

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