Saturday, June 11, 2011

Schools Out!! 2nd Grade Here I Come... This post does not involve poetry.

A picture of my soon to be new 2nd grade is still occupied.

My stuff outside the classroom waiting to be brought in....  they still have to strip the floor and wax before the move my stuff in.    

It's the same classroom layout.  The one below is my 1st Grade classroom during the 2009-2010.  I kept changing it this past school year, so I have no pictures, which is a major mistake because there were certain areas that I really liked and hope to recreate upstairs.  Yes, I am literally moving just upstairs.  I may set up my classroom the same way, but I have all summer to think about it.  

Social Studies Station
 Front of the classroom
 Writing Station

 Small Group Area and Accelerated Reader Library

 The Computer Station is an area that I moved to the front of the classroom(this school year) where the Social Studies Station was.  I LOVED IT there! No distractions during small group and I could supervise to see what they were doing.  

Social Studies Station (front of the classroom-left side of the white board)
I found a picture of the computer station.  It replaced the Social Studies station in the front of the room.

 My Teacher AREA.
 Math Workstation

Summer Break Time!!!
Time to Rest, Relax, and Regroup!
Just 4 Teachers


Kristen said... [Reply]

Happy Summer, I'm totally jealous (2 weeks left)!! Your room is beautiful, I can't wait to see the setup of your new second grade room :) :) :)

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Thanks, Kristen! This was a great year. A lot of work...but a great year! I am so looking forward to looping with my kids. See how much they've grown over the summer and hopefully be able to pick up where we left off. I plan some changes but not too many (why fix...if it ain't broken!). Thank you for hanging out with me these past few months and for the blog design. I bought the Seuss cliparts from that I can create some cool stuff for my 2nd graders. Would love another Seuss blog design... LOL! A Different Color maybe! :)

Melissa O. said... [Reply]

Can't wait to see how you do your new room! I am moving about 100 feet but from a room with storage to no storage :(

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