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I've never done a Top-10 list before, but I was inspired by The Accidental Teacher, Mom, Runner in making this list.  She posted her guilty pleasures movies...  and we all know that the first step to recovery is to admit your addiction.  What is mine???  GUY MOVIES!!   Yes, I know...all that testosterone and violence....but I can't help it!  I enjoy these movies.  LOL!


  1. TERMINATOR SALVATION (can we say Sam Worthington)
  2. CLASH OF THE TITANS (can we say Sam Worthington, again! Can't wait for the sequel in 2012)
  3. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (I love Bruce...ever since Moonlighting)
  4. TRANSPORTER 1-3  (really, must you ask, Jason Statham)
  5. TAKEN (Liam as the kind of dad every teenage girl would love to have)
  6. BOURNE MOVIES (all 3, and I can't wait for #4 Legacy that comes out in 2012)
  7. PRINCE OF PERSIA (not sure if it qualifies as a guy movie, but  it does have lots of action.. and Jake G.)
  8. WANTED (kept my eyes closed for most of the "rat" parts, but I still loved it!)
  9. STAR TREK (loved the last one...  but I love them all, I believe 11 of them, can't wait for the 2012 release)
  10. and oldie but goodie....  FACE OFF (John Travolta and Nick Cage)
Some honorable mentions:
  • The Godfather (all 3)
  • Bad Boys (both)
  • Independence Day (Harry Connick, Jr....even though he died too soon)
  • A Few Good Men (You can't handle the truth!!)
  • Tomb Raider (both)
  • Blade (all 3)
  • The Guardian

Well, I feel better now that I admitted to my guilty pleasures.  What are your guilty pleasure movies??  Come on, you will feel better if you share!!
Just 4 Teachers


Sunny said... [Reply]

I am thinking any movie with Sam Worthington would be worth watching just for the eye candy :)

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

LOL! took the words right out of my mouth! My teen son likes him only for the simple fact that they share the same birthday and he screams in every movie he has been in... a warrior scream! My hubby just deals with it! :)

Jennyfer said... [Reply]

LOVE the list! I just watched Clash of the Titans the other day and I have to admit I liked it.

Mrs.Thompson said... [Reply]

My guilty pleasure is MOB MOVIES :)

In no particular order:
Godfather Part 2
Donnie Brasco
The Departed
The Untouchables
Public Enemies
American Gangster (Oh, I love Denzel!)

There is just something about the lavish lifestyles they lead that draws me in. :)

Mrs. Thompson

Adventures in Teaching

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You already know my guilty pleasure - I am a TOTAL geek, but I also love Jane Austen so my list may be a bit ecletic...In no particular order (except for #1)...
1. Lord of the Rings (all three - also my favorite book of all time)
2. Star Wars (I will admit to liking the prequels)
3. 300 (Gerard Butler is the hottest man EVER, so I also really love PS I Love You)
4. Star Trek (preferably Next Generation or the original, but the last movie ROCKED)
5. Gladiator (2nd hottest MAN ever)
6. V for Vendetta ("Remember, remember the 5th of November")
7. Sense & Sensibility
8. Emma
9. Mansfield Park
10. HARRY POTTER (3rd movie on...first 2 were cute, but not my favorites)

Oh man, I know I am leaving things off...the pressure of thinking of favorite movies!'s impossible!
Peace & Love,

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