Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 2 and 3: And the fun continues.....

A major setback....just when I was getting my library area just the way I wanted....see floor plan below:

I have to change the whole computer workstation to the back of the room where my library is and move my library to where my writing/wordworkstation  was going to be.  My room is very small so any major changes is very obvious.  I am not sure what I am going to do now.  I will keep you guys posted.  My husband is not too happy, (he's my classroom setter upper)...  he thought he was done with the heavy work.  Sigh...   We are going to try the somewhat completed floor plan below and hope that it somewhat worked...however, the rug does not fit.  It fit when I was on the first floor, but now that I am in the 2nd floor...  the same exact space (it is the same exact room, it's only upstairs) is smaller by more than a few inches.  Weird, huh!?!  Now, I have to wait until the main building is done...before they can search for a rug that will fit in my space.  I would go out and get a real cute one that I saw at Ikea, but the fire marshall is very "mean" in our district.  

Well, this is what my library area looks like this morning....  what will it look like this afternoon??  Hmmm!  We will see.  As you can see the book tubs (the ones with the holes) match the book tub labels that I created for AR.  I still have 10 boxes of books that I haven't unloaded.  I think I need more colored tubs.  EEK!!  
I had to spray paint to create the yellow and green buckets.  

Just 4 Teachers


Mrs. Walker said... [Reply]

I love your floor maps! How did you create them?


Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Thanks for stopping by!! :) I used PowerPoint. Microsoft has a classroom set up template. I also used a floor plan software (I can't remember the name of it...I lost it when my laptop crashed a long time ago) in combination with the PPT. Would you like for me to send you the PPT?

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