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After 3 weeks of purging all of my Pre-K (taught for 9 years)....purging all of my Kinder stuff (taught for 3)....purging all of my 3rd Grade stuff (taught for a year) and purging all of my 1st Grade stuff (taught for 4 years) =17 years of stuff... for the last 3 ROOM IS FINALLY DONE!  I think!  Well, it's good enough to start the school year with out having to shove anything anywhere for me to deal with on a later date.  BUT...even after all that purging, the lack of storage is dawning on me.  Where am I going to put all those tissue boxes, ziplock bags, etc, etc.

Well, here it room.  I am not quite sure of the set up, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions...especially the desks!  I'm counting on my bloggy friends.  :)

Here's a view of my library area!!

Here's another view from a different angle. 

And another angle.  LOL!

Front of my room.  The 4-cubbies are for lunchboxes and the other ones with the magazine tubs are for the Seuss binders!

Complet view of the Front of the classroom. The desks are shapes as the letter "F"

Back of my room.

Character Traits

Small Group/My work area.  I got rid of my desk.

Computer Area

My workspace

My big and bulky TV

My LCD and ELMO!  Yeah!!!

This is going to be my writing/word work area.  But for now it is going to WELCOME my Parents!

Art supplies, etc

Students' Mailboxes

My pretty Seussish Crate Chairs!  :)

Calendar Math and My Tribes Agreements

Kids store their books here.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of my classroom.  Not as amazing as many of my bloggy friends...but it is home for the next 180 Days!  :)   I hope those of you that begin this upcoming week. Have a fabulous week!  Those of you that started... I hope you've had fun meeting your new kiddies.  And those of you, who don't begin until after Labor Day!!!  Lucky You!  LOL! 

Hugs to everyone!
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Jennifer said... [Reply]

Everything is so organized! I love that! And the crate chairs =)

You should link up...

Empowering Little Learners!

MissL said... [Reply]

I just started following your blog and I love it! You have some great ideas. I am grabbing your button, check out my blog and link to me if you like it! Thanks.

Melanie said... [Reply]

Love that it's so open and uncluttered! It looks fantastic!

Just4TeachersBlog said... [Reply]

Thank you all for the positive comments!!! I really like this set up. Just not sure about the desks... I guess I will give it time and see how it works with the kids "IN" the room.

SunnyDays said... [Reply]

Your room looks great! I think your sink is in a different place than mine. It's hard squeezing it all in to these little rooms! I've got some updated pictures to post in a little while, I moved some things around a little. I'm so exhausted!!

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Eowyn22 said... [Reply]

It looks terrific! You outdid yourself this year!

Krista said... [Reply]

I absolutely L.O.V.E. your room! Your classroom library is wonderful and I am positively drooling over your organization. Have a great year!

PS - Do you have the individual character ed posters available to share?

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