Sunday, August 21, 2011

Start Smart: Week 1 Poem and Activity

This is my first year in 2nd Grade and we start out with Start Smart (Treasures) for Week 1.  The poem I will use is My School Promise. To download the poem, please visit this link: 2nd Grade Poetry Journal
I will be giving students a template of a schoolhouse and they will draw on it what they want. They will print the words "This school year" and on the doors "I promise"...

Inside the school they will write what they promise for the school year.

I just googled "schoolhouses" and picked one that would be easy to trace and cut on construction paper.  

Do you have a creative idea to share that would go along with the poem?  I love comments and suggestions!!  Thanks for visiting!

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Enjoy Teaching English said... [Reply]

I will definitely start my new year with this poem!
I am also planning to make a worksheet on this poem!
Once done, I will let you know


CacheyMama said... [Reply]

Thanks for following Preschool Teacher! Hope you enjoy reading!

Lori Faas said... [Reply]

Debi...hope that your year started well! I have been busy getting the room done and now I need to figure out what to teach! :) I started a new blog for my teacher stuff and am very excited about separating my student info and teacher info. If you have a second would you go take a look at it? I am trying to collect some followers so that I am motivated to post-post-post. Feedback is welcome!

I am off to get those first grade poems printed off!

Thanks Debi!


Lucia13 said... [Reply]

check this Debi

and this

Sabrina said... [Reply]

This is a terrific idea! I am looking for the school house but definitely want to start with this!

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