Friday, August 26, 2011

Survived My First Week Back to School!

Well, it was an exhausting week, but it was a lot of fun getting reacquainted with my "looping" kids (12) and getting to know my "new" (8) kids.   I have 13 girls and 7 boys!!  OMG!!  That's a whole lotta girls...but they are sooooooo sweet.  Here's a picture of one of my "new" cuties....

It is going to be a long year with days w/o specials...every other day. (I have specials on ODD DAYS.) No planning time...and forget bathroom breaks (On EVEN Days).  The day seems to drag......  Oh, Well!  Must make the most of it.

Now for the fun part of my day....  Poetry Time!!

I will be working on it tomorrow....and post!

Tune in tomorrow..same BAT time....same BAT channel....   LOL!
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SunnyDays said... [Reply]

Gorgeous bulletin board!! Looking forward to your poetry post. I'm going to get that going this year. I've been saying that for 2 years now...

P.S. My hubs wanted to make some crates after we made mine. We went to Home Depot and they cut the wood from the scrap pile and gave us 4 perfect size pieces for 51 cents! Those seats are a hot commodity in my room!!

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Barbara said... [Reply]

I'm so sad for your kids to not get specials class - and for you to not get your break! Guess that musical and artistic skills will come in handy, eh? Did you keep your librarian? We kept specials but moved ONE teacher into TWO libraries . . . we're calling her our "inquiry specialist." Lemons into lemonade . . . happy new year!

Jess said... [Reply]

Your bulletin board is so cute! I would just incorporate "specials" into your own class. Make up a schedule and do art, music, and P.E. Go to Adventure to Fitness for indoor P.E. it's a great interactive video that gets kids moving. I am also girl heavy this year 10 girls and 8 boys! My girls are such sweeties too so I'm okay with it!
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Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Sorry for the confusion...we do have specials ....every other day (ODD Days), but on those days that we don't. The day just seems so long... Luckily, we were able to keep art, music, pe, and media. But the kids don't see the teachers again for 9 Days. It's hard when you start a lesson and you have to wait 9 more days to complete it. What ever happen to the days when you had PE everyday... and etc.??? I just don't understand how politicians think that this is OK.

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