Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Item on TPT store: Winter Poetry Collection for Sale

I just posted my very first sale item on TpT.  It is a collection of 15 poems for the month of January...all about winter.  All my other collections are still free and will continue to be free.  Thank you for your support... and comments... and referrals to my little blog.

I love poetry...always have!  What keeps me going???  The fact that the children will remind me that it is poetry time....or they will ask me "what poem are we going to work on this week?" ...or when former students still visit and ask if they can do poetry with me in the mornings before they report to their classrooms.

Teachers are always asking what do exactly do I do... My answer: nothing's not a center...I have no's just something that we 'look forward' to every Friday. Poetry Friday! Reading it to ourselves, reading it aloud, reading it with expression...and then creating something beautiful to go along with it.

If you love shows in your students.  If it's a chore...something to just fill the shows.  Another question I get asked a lot..."how do you fit it in?"   My answer: I just do!

I hope you enjoy my new collection.  I am working on several more collections.  I'm look forward to your feedback!

Happy Holidays!!


Just 4 Teachers


SunnyDays said... [Reply]

Yay!! You took the plunge! Good for you. Good luck!!

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Erika said... [Reply]

Does this item include the beautiful things to create along with the poems? Or will you share those another time?
2B Honey Bunch

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Erika, I was planning on working on the "Crafty" part this winter break...but with everyone sick, I just haven't had the time. I will post ideas as soon as I start feeling better. Many users of my poems ...don't seem to be into crafty things...I post pictures for those who are into crafts. :)

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