Friday, December 30, 2011

U3W3Time for Kids: Meet the Super Croc poem and activity

Meet the Super Croc

Did a crocodile the size of a school bus once live on Earth? 
            What kind of animal was it?  Its body was about 40 feet long.  That’s about the size of a school bus.  Its jaws were about 5 feet long.   That’s about as long as some people are tall!  It had about 100 teeth. 

I wanted to do a fun poem to go along with this Treasures' story, therefore I chose an old favorite:  A Dinosaur at the Door by Helen Moore.  Art activity I got from this website: Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft

Just a reminder that you can download any of the poems that are featured on this blog here:

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Nice croc poem. Loved it!!!

Patent Lawyers in Bangalore said... [Reply]

cool picture!!!

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