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Unit 5 Week 4 The Ugly Vegetables Poem and Activity

Unit 5 Week 4 The Ugly Vegetables Poem and Activity

The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin  ... what a wonderful story about a little girl and her grandmother planting a vegetable garden.  Check out the author's website below.  She provides activities and background information about her book.  
Some of my students chose to draw their own garden (which I will provide pics later) and others chose this very detailed picture to color.  I was impressed by the fact that some of my MOST IMPATIENT  students (most boys) chose the detailed coloring sheet and they did an AMAZING JOB!  I was extremely proud of them.  (will post pics later)

Just a reminder that you can download any of the poems that are featured on this blog here (Click on the journal):

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Absolutely love the poems. Do you have a copy of the detailed vegetagble gardenÉ

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

I found the picture on

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I looked all over for the detailed picture and couldn't find it anywhere. Can you put me in the right direction? Thanks. Love your page

Anonymous said... [Reply]

my email is it wouldn't let me publish my question with my email earlier.
Lisa Mills

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