Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unit 5 Week 5 The Moon Poem and Activity

Unit 5 Week 5 The Moon Poem and Activity
This week's story was all about the Moon.  The poem is from our Treasures book.  For our activity we worked on the Moon Phases.  

Just a reminder that you can download any of the poems that are featured on this blog here (Click on the journal):

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Amy said... [Reply]

Thank you! I have been using the poems from your poetry journal and I love them!

Becca said... [Reply]

Thanks so much for putting this together, I have been looking for a collection of poems for my kids to read for fluency practice.

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

@AmyThanks, Amy!! I love to hear from other teachers who are using poetry in their classroom. Are your students enjoying poetry time?

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

@BeccaBecca, thanks for the post. I use the poems for fluency and expression, too. Quite a few teachers who never used poetry in their classroom have learned to use them this year... and they are using it for fluency. Have you seen a difference in your students' reading???

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I really do like how you're tying in poetry into the lesson. That's awesome! One thing you should keep in mind is which side of the moon should be lit. On your first picture, with the wanning gibbous and third quarter moon, the right side should be lit since the sun is on the right. I do understand that what you're showing in the picture is what we see on Earth. If you are going to use this, just make sure to explain that misconception to your students. I see a lot of teacher handouts and models do this, when it's actually incorrect. Just something to keep in mind ��

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