Saturday, June 2, 2012

Freebie Saturday 4 My Followers

Salute to Olympics

Just wanted to say Thank You to all my followers on my blog, Pinterest, Facebook, and TpT.  You all make this worthwhile.  Can't wait to start working on my Summer Project!!
What is it?  
I will be creating a 3rd Grade Poetry Journal.  The poetry books are piling up on my desk at home...  and I'm itching to get started.  :)

For now...get ready for the Olympics....  my kids love these poems. We've been studying about the Olympics.  Our End of Year Party had an Olympic theme.  We had sooooo much fun! The students got to "travel" around the world in my classroom to taste different foods from France, Cuba, Greece, and America.
 We created an Olympic Flag for the 1st poem.   And for the 2nd one....  they haven't told me what they are planning to do.  LOL!  

Please enjoy!  And, thank you again for your support!!!  :)

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