Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finally!! Ready for OPEN HOUSE

Finally finished.... the room looks great. Pictures BELOW! My guys were AMAZING! As I sat at my desk...losing my mind... trying to finish my Open House PowerPoint (laptop giving me problems). My guys were putting the finishing touches to my classroom. I love you Christopher and Devyn!! Open House was FUN! Loved seeing my "old" parents and meeting some "new" ones!!!

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Oceans of First Grade Fun said... [Reply]

Your room looks so good! I love it!
Ms. A

Tarita said... [Reply]

I like all the bright colors! Looks great.
Papers, Pencils and Books, Oh My!

Lori Faas said... [Reply]

Debi! The room looks great! You are ready to go!

Lori @

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Thank you to all of you that posted comments!!! This is my first year in this classroom and wasn't sure what to do... Glad you liked! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I just found your blog! I needed a great 3rd grade blog to follow! Please stop by mine!


Marie said... [Reply]

your classroom looks amazing! I see that there are several things grouped onto one extra desk at each group. Would you mind sharing what you use them for? And how to you do groupwork? Thanks!

sherry markowitz said... [Reply]

Your classroom is so cute! Thank you for sharing and I'll for sure use some of your ideas for next year since my classroom is a similar layout :)

Samantha Lagergren said... [Reply]

Maybe this is a question for my tech guy, but I have a projector and doc cam. It is on a cart, and it has to be so far from the board otherwise it makes the projection huge. I see you have yours in front of the desks and fairly close to the board. Is there a special way to have the projector close to the board and have a small enough picture? Thanks!

Isabelle Bernard said... [Reply]

Where did you get the colored basket (red, yellow, etc.) ?

Debi Childress said... [Reply]

@Isabelle Bernard
The baskets were purchased over the years at several locations. Target, Really Good Stuff, Walmart, and my local teacher store, ACE.

juf Hilde said... [Reply]

Hi, I am a teacher in the Netherlands. I love the idea of placing the tables in open groups. I must say I am jealous of the size of your classrooms. Our classrooms are half the size if that!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Looks like you only have 20 students? Love the set up but I have 25.....wished I had less students or bigger room. said... [Reply]

Very inspiring classroom. I am going into a smaller room with more students. This should be fun. Thank you for sharing.

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