Monday, August 6, 2012

The Abyss: Day 1 Unofficial Day in My Classroom...

Well, my summer is over unofficially.  Unofficially because I don't go back until next week but I wanted to get a head start...since I've moved to a different building/classroom and different grade-level.  It actually seems like I got nothing the fact that we were told we could come in today and start setting up...just to find out that the custodial staff was not ready for our return. As I posted on Facebook: Not blaming anyone...just a little frustrating when told one thing about a month you get psyched about getting things done, especially when moving into a new building, new room, and new grade level. I feel so unprepared and I don't enjoy that feeling...and I am not one to do anything halfA$$Ed, you know? Next week with all the meetings and stuff, it's hard to get the room done and search for all the materials that you need to start the school year. I have NOTHING for 3rd grade in my classroom.  So, I just picked up and left after 3 hours. Ugh! Ok, enough venting!!

Here is my floor plan...that I may use...not sure, yet!

Not happy that they are making me keep the teacher desk.  I didn't use it last year.  I don't want it.

The long table in front of the white board is for my elmo and LCD.  The tables  in front of ALL those boxes will be my small group area.  

From L to R: computer, writing, and math workstations

Wall: Word Wall and Math Word Wall (right)

Took a picture of the Math Section/Math Word Wall

From L to R: Globe (Soc. Stud./Science) and Poetry/Creative Art Workstations

Well, as you can see....I have a lot of work to do!  I hope I will be able to get into my room tomorrow.  
To be continued...Abyss: Day 2    

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Micheal said... [Reply]

Good Luck! I know exactly how you feel.

Just4Teachers said... [Reply]

Thank you, Michael! Thanks for posting! I got a lot done today... but forgot to take pics. Tomorrow...tomorrow... I will remember to take pictures, tomorrow! :)

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