Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Abyss: Day 4 of my unofficial day...and guess what?

Did you guess?  No??  I think you probably guessed correctly...I didn't  get everything I wanted to do done!!!  :(  I did not accomplish my goal...which was to leave everything organized that all I have to worry about is the "beautification" of the classroom.  :(   As you will see from the room looks worse on Day 4 than on Day 1....but the boxes are gone (except for 2 or 4).  Remember the boxes...lots and lots of garbage boxes!!!

Well, today I had a very bright moment.  Five of my students' families got together and bought me 3 bookshelves.  I needed bookshelves.  I was told bookshelves are for primary grades not intermediate...therefore, I was not getting any bookshelves.  I LOVE MY PARENTS!!!  THEY ARE AMAZING!  The bookshelves are AWESOME!!!  Check them out...  the last picture.  Aren't they great?


Well, I hope to have better pictures of my classroom next week when I officially return to work.  Stay tuned!!

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Just Wild About Teaching said... [Reply]

loveits so your newest follower...drop by =)

Just Wild About Teaching

Sara Soucy said... [Reply]

I love your bookshelves too!

Sara :)
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