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Back to Poetry.... Reading Treasures and Peace....

 It's been crazy around here...with adjusting to 3rd grade and Benchmark testing...I haven't had time to post my students' poetry journal entries.   Trust me... no matter how busy it gets in my classroom, I always manage to find time for POETRY.  My students look forward to it...they ask what is the theme of the week or the following week.  I am thrilled that after 2 years (and now a 3rd year)...they still enjoy Poetry Friday!

Well, a few weeks ago we read from our basal:  Unit 1 Week 3 Time for Kids: Whose Habitat is it?   I used a poem written by F. Isabel Campoy called "Our Home."   I asked them to write about why their home is special to them...

Then we read Unit 1 Week 4 Penguin Chick, which started a whole thematic unit on Penguins and Antarctica.  I've been reading Mr. Popper's Penguins along with the class.  They are keeping a reading response journal, which I grade at the end of the week.  We will be done with the novel by next week.  I was hoping to show the movie but it is rated PG (which is a no-no in our district!).  I really wanted to do a Compare/Contrast movie-tie in...  :(    

The poem of the week was part of the Treasures curriculum, I just went ahead and exposed the students to the full version of the poem "Antarctic Anthem."   I even showed them the animated version that was on Discovery Streaming.  They loved it!   They had to research when would be a great time to visit Antarctica, how would they get their  (map out the route), what do they need to pack, and what kinds of animals would they see during their visit?  After their research, they wrote a story about their trip to Antarctica.  (This is project is still a work in progress, therefore, all I have is the picture below to show.)
They will also do a poem next week to end the Mr. Popper's Penguins unit.  I am going to ask them to write about their favorite character or favorite part of the book.  (Pictures are forthcoming.)

Finally, this past week was International Peace Week.  Students were exposed to several peace quotes, which we discussed in class.  I chose a poem called Peace in the World (author unknown).  I taped (painters tape) down some circles and the kids water painted...creating the international peace symbol.  Below their peace sign, students wrote their favorite quote of the week.

If you are interested in my compilation of poems for 3rd Grade Treasures!!! Check it out at my TpT store. There's a poem for every Treasures story including the poems from Treasures (except for the last one about butterflies).  

Here's a SAMPLE of the poems that are included in the Treasures collection.


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D. Frideley said... [Reply]

I use Treasures but my Unit 1 is all fiction. I don't think Penguin Chick is until Unit 3 or 4. they make different versions for different states? We just adopted Treasures 3 yrs ago, is that why?

D. Frideley said... [Reply]

In all my confusion, I forgot to ask about poetry. I'll be honest, poetry is probably my "worst" teaching topic. I use a lot of Ken Nesbitt's poetry and we use our senses, but I don't really know how to teach the kids to write their own. How do you go about it? Do you make them rhyme? Do you focus on a type of poetry (haiku) per week? I'm interested to find out how you go about recording it in a journal and checking it.

Sarah said... [Reply]

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Rikki said... [Reply]

Love the poetry journal idea!
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