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Spotlight: Welcome to Kindergarten- A Friend's Classroom

Spotlighting my friend's classroom this week.  Mrs. Veronese (Mrs. V) is not new to my blog...  if you have checked out my Kindergarten Poetry Page, then you are familiar with her "creative and poetic" side.  This year my 3rd Graders have buddied up with her Kindergartners ...and so far, the kids are crazy about each other. :)

Now off to her room...  in her own words.  Welcome!

Bulletin board outside my classroom - yes, my classroom has a monster theme!

Pictures of the kids holding their “1st Day of Kindergarten” signs for the outside bulletin board.

Our first art project - the kids made their own Kissing Hands.

View looking towards my classroom on the left. Outside is my “Where are we?” poster designed by Sara Soucy from Smiling in Second Grade. I added some Monster duct tape for a border and a little monster cut-out with some velcro to move around to show where we are. 

View from the front door looking towards the back Community Circle area.

I keep the student mailboxes by the door so that it’s easy for me to see if anyone has left anything behind when we are leaving at the end of the day. I also keep their headphones for when we go to Computer Lab and their “Caliente” (hot) folders for Spanish where they are easy to grab and go. Underneath is an empty bookshelf where the kids store their snacks and lunch boxes.

Here is my “How we go home” area. They were designed by Caitlin Clabby at Kindergarten Smiles, who was nice enough to design a couple specific to my school. I then put them on some plates that I had decorated with the monster duct tape. In the corner you can see my Yoda poster that says “This room is protected by the Force! Unfortunately, not cleaned by it!” I am a big geek and love anything with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or comic book heroes. There are also the lovely 3 gigantic PVC pipes that I had no idea as to their purpose until this year, when I was finally enlightened that they were to build a tee-pee at Thanksgiving time.

Here is my behavior section. At the top are the hand signals that I use. They were designed by Clutter Free Classroom. To the right are the Character Traits. I put a picture of the student who was chosen for that trait. The papers in the center are under a monster that says, “Do the Right Thing!” They are hundreds charts and are part of my behavior management system. The kids earn monster stickers based on their behavior color at the end of the day, and every time they earn 10 stickers they get to go to treasure box. This has worked out so great for me and fortunately, I have parents who are very generous in keeping my treasure box stocked. The kids love to come in in the morning and check their sticker charts. Underneath that is my listening / radius center. To the left, are my rules, good listening tips, and voice level poster.

Close up view of my good listening poster and the voice level chart I made out of name plates and construction paper.

Here are our class rules. I did not design these, just added them to some ribbon. My work computer was stolen during pre-planning week, so I can’t find where I got them from. If anyone knows, I’d like to give credit where credit is due!

Here is my behavior system and the monster cut-outs I use for each child. I am not sure who designed the monster version, since they were given to me. I added them to a polka-dot background after seeing the cute way Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade did hers.

My “Mon-Stars at Work” bulletin board.

My birthday wall

Close-up of my personal area and small-group reading supplies. I gave up my desk last year and I couldn’t be happier! This year, I moved my area underneath the windows and I just love all the natural light I get!

Slightly further-out version of the small-group reading area and my personal area.

View from the Community Circle area looking back towards the door. I teach literacy skills on the book stand / white board, and tuck my little chair right underneath to keep it out of the way. There is also a big bin underneath, that holds all the big books that go along with our reading series.

View from the Community Circle area looking towards the bathroom and adjoining door.

Calendar Math / Community Circle 

I just redid my library this year. Last year, I had all my books out on a book shelf, but it always ended up a disaster! It had too many choices for my little kinders! This year, I am keeping it small. The center shelf holds just the books that I have selected (usually based on a current or recent theme). The smaller one on the left has the Look & Find books, while the one on the right has the books published by my past classes. I got the carpet (meets all flammability standards) for $20 at Costco! The back of the bookshelf looks a little spare right now, but I am sure I will find some kind of chart or decoration for it soon!

On the left is my “I Can” chart with a space for each of the major subjects. The bookshelf in the center holds my math books. I only pass out a chapter at a time since the books are so big and the kids only have small pouches on their chairs. I also have extra folders and bins stored away here. On top are the binders that will become their Kindergarten Memory books. In the large bookshelf, you can see the rest of my library and supplies

The back of my Literacy stand also has our Pocket Chart center.

Our daily schedule (with cards designed by Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade) and our “agenda” for the week. In kindergarten, we don’t have the kids start copying anything into their agenda until the second half of the year. Right now, it is just a place to record their daily colo

Here is the space going out our backdoor to the playground. You can see my recess hats (don’t like the sun much). The side of the file cabinet is used as part of their Word Work center as a place to build words with magnets.

View from the recess door towards the front door.

View from the recess door towards the opposite corner.

They removed our stoves over the summer, so I finally have a place to store our science bins where they are out of the way! Above that are the students’ monsters, where I put examples of their work. This assignment was to make the first letter of their name with tissue paper.

I put my Center rotations in this back corner. To the right, you can just see my art cart.

Close up of our center rotations. I haven’t put the name cards up yet, because we haven’t finalized groups yet. We do 12 centers a week, and the kids hit 3 a day on Monday through Thursday. We also do another 3 centers on Friday - art, poetry, and “cooking”. It’s a lot, but I’ve gotten used to it!

Marty Monster is all ready to start going home with the kids and record his adventures!

View from the back looking towards the front board.

Close up of my library and supply bins. The library labels are just name plates, but the supply labels were designed byJaime Pink at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers.

My writing center - behind it is house where I store the different kinds of paper and the housekeeping center

I had this really useless, space hogging doll-house. It didn’t even have furniture, but I wasn’t allowed to get rid of it. I decided to decorate it with some monster duct tape and use it to store the different kinds of writing paper for our writing center. Now, I love it!

Close up of student work and our Monster Manners a friend picked up at the Dollar Tree for me.

Math manipulative storage and Big Book center.

My personal area with all my little geeky doodads and lots more monster duct tape!

Personal storage area since I no longer have a desk.

Another view of my personal storage.

This is on the other side of the recess door. It is the rest of my Word Work center. I don’t have a lot of manipulatives for literacy yet, so this center is a little empty, but I hope to fill it as time goes by.

Well, my blogging friends, I hope you enjoyed this very special SPOTLIGHT on my friend's, Mrs. Veronese, Kindergartenclassroom.  I think it is an amazing place to visit.  My 3rd Graders think so!!!  Now, I hope you do too!  
Give my friend some of that Blogging/Stalking Love and leave some love notes for her.  :)
Thanks again...see y'all soon!  

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Lori Faas said... [Reply]

I love your monsters and the BRIGHT colors! Very cute room!


Sara Soucy said... [Reply]

Thanks for the shout-out! The bright colors in your room look great. I love the doll house idea - so cool!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Kristy said... [Reply]

I love how you repurposed the doll house! What a great idea!
Teachin' First

Caitlin said... [Reply]

Your room looks great!!! :)

Kindergarten Smiles

Nicole Ricca said... [Reply]

I love your rules! They're from me! Hehe ;)
Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

Nicole Ricca said... [Reply]

The rest of your classroom is adorable, too by the way! :)

Amandy Higgs said... [Reply]

Very inspiring 😀😀 bravo

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