Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unit 1 Week 5 The Perfect Pet ...Research

This week we read The Perfect Pet.  I asked the students to think of their perfect pet.  They could not choose a common pet.  It had to be a unique choice.  They were asked to bring a picture in and they were allowed to do research in the classroom on their pet. Students had to read the material and highlight important/interesting facts about their pet to write in their POETRY JOURNAL.  Here are some examples of their work.  :)

 If you are interested in my compilation of poems for 3rd Grade Treasures!!! Check it out at my TpT store. There's a poem for every Treasures story including the poems from Treasures (except for the last one about butterflies).  

Here's a SAMPLE of the poems that are included in the Treasures collection.


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