Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reposting Popular Post: Mosaic Seuss Art (Updated)

Reposting a very popular post from March 5, 2011:  (The pattern is available for download at the end of the post.)

After we were done with our Seuss poem of the week.  My students painted with their finger tips, these pattern squares that created the Cat in the Hat!  They came out adorable.  Here are a few of them:

Download pattern here: 
It's on dropbox.
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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awesome! Thank you for sharing the pattern! I will use it with my preschoolers next week.

Debi Childress said... [Reply]

Camille, thanks for letting me know that it works!! :) Enjoy!

Debi Childress said... [Reply]
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Hayes & Mike said... [Reply]

Yay!!!!! Thank you so much! Cant to do thiswith my three year olds next week!

Heather Harness said... [Reply]

Thank you so much! I know my preschoolers will definitely enjoy this for Dr. Suess week!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Love it thanks I was able to download!!
Excited to use, thanks!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

LOVE the mosaic pattern! I was able to download it. C: I can't wait to use it for Dr. Suess week with my 1st graders! THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It says the dropbox is empty :( Can you possibly email it to me at or tell me what I'm doing wrong; thanks SO much :) I was hoping to use this tomorrow :)

Kim said... [Reply]

This is an adorable idea and something we could do during our Homeschool preschool but unfortunately same problem, says dropbox is empty. Any chance you could please email me or let me know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ahh boy I bet your getting a little tired of people asking for this template, but I was unable to pull it up as well. If you have time could you e-mail it?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm so sorry to be #5 but I would love to do this as well. I am also unable to download it. If you wouldn't mind emailing it I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much :)

first grade teacher said... [Reply]

Can you email it to me too? I love it and it wont download.
My email is

Debi Childress said... [Reply]

I fixed the link, please try to download again. Thanks for stopping by.

Kim said... [Reply]

Thanks so much Debi and thank you so much for posting such great ideas!

Dana Hursey | Online PhD UK said... [Reply]

Poetic kids! They really are good at it! And that’s because of their talented mentor and mom like you! I believe poetry is truly in their blood and breathe. Just kidding! But really, you have smart kids and I believe they will be just like you. Stay happy and blessed! Take Care!

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love this idea! I plan to use dabbers instead of fingerpainting.
Thank you,
Kendi Morris

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thanks so much!

Carla Staggs said... [Reply]

Can you e mail it to me?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I just tried to download the MosaicCatintheHat.pdf and couldn't. Nothing shows up. Can it be emailed to me please?

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