A Gift: Kindergarten Poetry Journal

Well,  a few of my friends went off to Kindergarten...and as you all know, starting a new grade level can be overwhelming, even for a veteran teacher.  As a gift for my friends, and with the help of their new teammates, I was able to gather approximately 75+ Kindergarten poems, and typed them all up for them.  They were very happy,to say the least...and even some of their new teammates have requested copies!  :) 

This collection of Kindergarten poems are not in any particular order...and they don't go along with Treasures like my collections traditionally do.  They are just Fun...Kindergarten-Tested Poems!  I hope you enjoy this collection! 

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

wowzer!! I love this!! thanks so much :)!!

xx stacey

Crayons and Curls said... [Reply]

This is amazing! Love it! Thank you! :)

Keys4Education said... [Reply]

You are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treasure!

Chante; said... [Reply]

This is amazing!!! I want to try this next year. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Mrs. Onwiler said... [Reply]

This is probably my favorite school pin yet...and I've pinned a lot! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Mrs. Ann Greene said... [Reply]

Thank you for sharing! Your poetry journal ideas are incredible. I can't wait to use them next year. So inspiring!

Happy Blogging!

Amber Hayes said... [Reply]

Thank you SO much for posting this!!! I have been looking and looking for good journaling ideas for my preschool class. I love the poems you' have collected and adaptable projects for my younger ones! :-)

Doreen said... [Reply]

It has already been said but I have to say it again, "WOW"! This is truly a gift and I thank you so very much for your time and for sharing! I will definitely be using your poems next year in my kindergarten class! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Lynn said... [Reply]

Wow! So generous! Thanks for sharing. What an amazing resource.

Betsy said... [Reply]

Thank you so much for this rich resource!! I am excited to use this in my kindergarten class. Thank you for putting in the pictures to go with the poems for ideas!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thanks so much! These are going to be a wonderful resource.

naflkat said... [Reply]

I love this and so will my kinders. Thank you so much!

Perrine Curry said... [Reply]

Thanks soooooo much! I will definitely be doing this this year. I am a new follower of your blog.
Modern Kindergarten

C.Melvin said... [Reply]

Thank you so much for this gift!!!! I recognize some of them but you "prettied" them up nicely.:)
Thank you for sharing. Enjoy what's left of your summer "break" and have a great school year!

llayne said... [Reply]

Thank you for being generous and sharing!!!!!

Batch from letters for nursery said... [Reply]

Impressive art works!Thanks for sharing that wonderful and unique man made creations.

Wrenn Dees said... [Reply]

What an amazing gift!! Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awesome thanks for sharing!! A steal.....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I am a teacher in the Caribbean and this idea is so great. I will start working on my journals immediately. Thanks a mil for sharing.


Samantha said... [Reply]

Wow, all these poems for free!!!! That is amazing! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thank you! What a wonderful gift, you are very kind. I will gladly make use of these!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This is amazing. It was just what I was looking for to help me with my poetry journal this year. Wow! Thank you so much

First Grade with a Cherry on Top

Jennifer Greene said... [Reply]

Wow! Just saying thank you is not enough! These are awesome! My kindergarten class will love this!!!!

Beth said... [Reply]

I would recommend taking out the "Ten Little Indians" page. It is racist and encouraging stereotypes. That poem combined with the picture is equivalent to teaching a poem called "Ten Little Negroes" with a picture of a black person eating watermelon. I teach in the Southwest and I would lose my job if I ever did an activity like that with my students. The rest of the journal is great though!

Bertha Murillo said... [Reply]

I love it!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Loved the poems!!! Where did you find some of the pictures that go with the poem?

Cindy Barragan said... [Reply]

Love, love this poetry journal idea for my kindergarten class. My only question is: Do you collect a whole school year's poetry in one notebook for EACH student?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thank you very much for the awesome idea...i want kids to have a poetry journal now! :D

Sylvia Bisbee said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing. I love your kindergarten poem ideas. Your classroom is beautiful. Good idea to make milk carton pillows for around the carpet. I think I'll do that for my 'Special Person' this weekend.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing.

Wintaka said... [Reply]

Would live to purchase this. Do you have it available.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Is there a link for the art projects that you used to go along with these poems? They are so cute!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This is a wonderful collection of poems to use with Kindergarten students. Wish I had found this at the beginning of the year,, but April is a great time to begin. Thanks!

Zan B said... [Reply]

So nice of you to give this away. Thanks

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